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Buy 1X Brics Coins & Get 3X Brics (BRC) Coins

Welcome to the BRICS COIN Extravaganza Sale Unwrap the joy of savings with our unbeatable deal: buy 1X & get 3X Brics coins!

The BRICS COIN Extravaganza Sale grants participants a 200% bonus in BRC coins on a minimum purchase of $10 worth of Brics coins during the New Year Sale, valid until FEB 29, 2024.

FEB 1, 2024, to FEB 29, 2024
The sale is available for the first 500 users only.

Participating in the BRICS COIN Extravaganza Sale is easy. First, visit our registration page and either register or log in if you're already registered. Then, proceed to the login page and purchase a minimum of $10 worth of BRICS coins to receive a 3X bonus in BRC coins for all BRC coins bought during the sale.


BRICS Referral Program

Invite your friends and family and receive a 60% bonus on his or her Brics coin purchase. The referral link may be used during a BRC coin contribution, in the pre-sale.

Imagine giving your unique referral link to your crypto-friend and he or she contributes BRC coins using your link, the bonus will be sent to your account automatically.

The strategy is simple: the more links you send to your colleagues, family, and friends - the more BRC coins you may earn!

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Referral Program steps

Brics Coin Airdrop Ended

Participate in the Brics Coin (BRC) Airdrop program to seize the opportunity of earning $50 worth of Brics coins absolutely free! Join now and embark on your journey into the world of cryptocurrency rewards with Brics.

Reward: 100 Brics Coins (worth $50) per participant.

Maximum Participants: 20,000

Platform: Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Program Duration: 24th Jan. 2024 To 7th Feb. 2024

Follow these steps to participate in the Brics Airdrop and win 100 tokens each:
How To Participate

1. Follow Brics Coin on Twitter

2. Like and Retweet the Pinned Tweet

3. Join Brics Coin Telegram Group

4. Join Our Discord Server

Additional Guidelines:
Participants must not unfollow/unsubscribe until the end of the airdrop to be eligible for rewards. Multiple entries or fraudulent activities will result in disqualification.

The airdrop will be distributed on 10th Feb 2024 after the program concludes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Brics Coin (BRC) is a cryptocurrency that is built based on the TRON TRC20 network. The Blockchain BRICS will see the light of day with the launch of the stablecoin.
Brics coin ICO program It's our platform for initial coin offerings to all nusers and our community to get early adopters of brics coins at a low stage price.
Any wallet that supports the Tron TRC20 network can add a custom token to their wallet. After filling out our smart contract, the coin will appear on the wallet and can be used to receive and send brics coins.
For all ICO users, brics coins will be available instantly on the user dashboard account after making a payment. The brics coin distribution will be automatically sent to the wallet address that you already provided soon after ICO ends, and you can start trading brics coins after listing on the market